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The pastoral nature & subtle beauty of Idaho’s foothills are images few can capture, but this is something Geoffrey Krueger does effortlessly. Originally from Southern California, Geoffrey spent his formative years painting mile-long windbreaks, migrant workers in strawberry fields, and muddy tracks through acres of orange groves.

“There is a particular light in that area [that’s] influence by the close proximity of the ocean,” said Geoffrey. “The light is scattered by the marine layer and melts the distance into a bluish haze. I try to get that light down on canvas.”

Now a resident of Boise, Geoffrey finds his inspiration in Idaho’s rolling hills, winding rivers, and our distinctly difference seasons.

“I make art all day long,” said Geoffrey. “When I go home I think about making art.  I imagine work as it might appear on the wall in my home. I draw out ideas and make notes that are hard to read the next day. At first my vision of the finished piece far outstrips the actual painting and so it takes focus, tenacity, work and faith to push to the end.  It seems to me that the first 80% of painting goes fairly quickly. It’s the last 20% where things slow way down because I constantly adjust colors and examine my response to what I see.  It’s this last part where the real painting begins.  I have found that I am very attracted to depicting light and space and strive for that illusion in most of my work.”

An exhibition of Geoffrey’s original landscape and abstract paintings will be on display in the Gallery January 20 through March 15, 2018.


Thursday January 25, 2018

5:00pm – 8:00pm


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