Eagle Prayer Flag Project

April through May 2015

Flying on mountain passes in Tibet, brightly colored prayer flags scatter blessings and good luck messages on the winds. It is believed that the wind spreads the prayers through the world, extending happiness, good will, and peace. Now the centuries old tradition comes to Eagle, Idaho with the Eagle Prayer Flag Project. The project is a public art installation that brings the prayers of the community together and lets the messages spread peace, healing and goodwill.  What a wonderful concept.

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We invite you to create a flag to be displayed with others as a living, breathing, kinetic journal of our concerns, hopes, and dreams. Prayer Flags, also known as Peace Flags, display positive wishes for yourself, your family, friends, community, or the world in word or pictures.Prayer Flags

You may wish to convey something especially for one person; for example, health, success, prosperity, or affirm a concept you would like to see manifested in the world, like peace, cooperation, equality, understanding, compassion. Let your imagination connect to what matters most to you. Each flag is created in the artists own style and then hung outside, its words and sentiment dissolving into the wind and being spread to all whom the wind touches.



1. The flags can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. The fabric should be torn or cut into squares of smooth fabric 8” wide by 10” high. Fold over 1” and sew to make a sleeve for the string. You could use a piece from a discarded sheet, a piece of clothing or an old handkerchief. 2013-01-22 13.31.53

2. Write or draw your wishes and blessings on the flags using magic markers, paint, applique, beads and inkjet printing or any embellishment you wish. Leave a small margin at the top so you can fold the flag over twine. Choose a theme for your flag, and embellish with paper, paint, stitch, embroidery, buttons, etc.  They could include quotations from well-known sources, poems, your own blessings and wishes for health, healing and abundance. You are only limited by your imagination.imagesCAHAMOET

3. When you have finished your flags, secure them by folding the top edge of each flag over the twine, and glue, staple or sew the folded edge to the flag.

4. Flags submitted to The Gallery at Finer Frames by Friday April 25, 2015 will be strung together and installed outdoors for the Last Thursday Art Walk and Opening Reception of the Art of Healing fine art show.

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Prayer Flag Workshop Join us Saturday April 11, 2015 10:00am – 1:00pm for a special workshop sponsored by Eagle Parks & Recreation. Artists and crafters of all ages are invited. Materials and inspiration provided with $12 paid to Eagle Parks & Recreation. Space is limited. Register Here

We hope the flags provide you with a visual reminder that we live in one world and all share similar hopes and dreams.


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