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Project Description

Tricia May was born in New Jersey and raised in Southern California. She attended Orange Coast College and California State College in Fullerton. There her artistic abilities emerged. Watercolor was Tricia’s first medium of choice, painting children’s portraits while raising her own family. These paintings were light filled and joyful. Trips throughout the Northwest, Hawaii and the French countryside furnished Tricia with endless material to paint. Brightly colored impressionistic still life’s and florals are also favorite subject matter.

“Somewhere along the way I became more interested in the abstract elements of the composition and went on a mission to teach myself to paint with little or no subject matter. This was very frustrating! I wanted to quit painting all together. But I kept at it and began to develop a process that produced the qualities I’m fascinated with. I am especially drawn to transparent next to opaque paint and thick next to thin. Plenty of  texture adds to the excitement on the canvas. I still plan my painting ahead, but more generally now. Intuition and spontaneity take over and I enjoy the process with less concern for the outcome.” Learn More