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Project Description

RINGLEIK is a centuries old Scandinavian tradition where children dance in a circle. This tradition is still very much used today and is a large part of my childhood memories in Norway. “Dancing in Circles” is my inspiration for this series of free blown glass work.

To create the dancing pattern of circles, I use a technique of painting with the hot glass. The colored glass is my glass canvas and clear glass is the paint, creating playful and transparent designs.

These bowls are inspired by old memories, old shapes, beautiful old worn mixing bowls used for generations to bake break, serve food, display fruit … the center of everyday life.  My work is functional and decorative based on the rich Scandinavian design tradition. My pieces are free blown, each and every one uniquely shaped by hand.

I have a deep respect and affection for the craft, the ancient process of glassblowing, the movement and the feeling. Form, simplicity, texture, transparency, pattern and color are all intriguing concepts that I continue to explore.  – Marianne Solberg

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