Oversized Art for Large Spaces

New over-sized art has just arrived

Large spaces can be a challenge to fill. Sweeping ceilings, long walls and large-scale rooms can swallow art that is too small. Leaving the room looking out of balance without a dramatic focal point. I offer you some tips for selecting the right sized art for your big space.

Size it Right

As a general rule, the artwork should be 2/3 of the length of what ever it’s hanging over. For a 6 foot long sofa, the artwork should be close to 4 feet (or 48 inches) long.

The next picture shows a more appropriately sized artwork over the fireplace.



Creating Balance

Choosing the right proportion of frame material is key to pulling the room together. The frame style pulls the color from the table up to the wall creating balance in the space. This photo by of Bennett Hills Idaho by Rob Hart is framed to the perfect length over this office sofa.

Photos of past framing projects

Framed Movie Posters

Canvas Stretching

Canvas stretched in gold float frame











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