Carrying photography equipment into Idaho’s backcountry or talking about art, you come to understand where Charlie Carter’s passion lies. Being a native Idahoan, his pursuit of the perfect black and white photograph has led him all over the western landscape in hopes of capturing the majesty and grandness gifted to all of us by our creator. Capturing that gift is the hard part.

Born in Twin Falls, Idaho and growing up in the small rural community of Buhl, Idaho, Charlie’s interest was in athletics. Art was a distant second. However, both grew with age.  Having received an athletic scholarship in baseball, this allowed an opportunity to study in the arts. After stints at the College of Southern Idaho and the University of SW Louisiana, the dream of playing professional baseball came to an end.

When there are only two interests  and the first is eliminated, you move to the second.  In the fall of 1988, Boise State University provided a source that became life changing. The introduction to photography and the art that lies within the medium was instrumental in how the surrounding world was viewed. The student/teacher relationship, which still exists today, was paramount in the development through hard work, encouragement and passion.

Still clinging to the traditional means of the photographic process, this photographer pursues this quest through the use of film and silver coated papers. His beautiful photographs are still created in the old fashion way…in the darkroom. Why?

“I like the concept of originality. Each photograph is unique due to how it is printed and the paper it is printed on. The complexity and spontaneity that occurs in the printing of my photographs ensures this concept to the collector”.

Having his work exhibited throughout the country, Living in the spirit, has fueled his continued commitment and pursuit of the perfect photograph. The ultimate goal is to create images that inspire and emotionally move the viewer into looking at the natural world around them while finding an appreciation for the art of black and white photography.

Charlie received a BFA degree from Boise State University while studying under Professor Howard Huff. He has worked in his chosen medium for the past 20 plus years and is steadfast in making his photographs the “old fashion way”.  Charlie resides in Meridian, Idaho.

For inquires please contact or call 208-888-9898.