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Framing Services


Finer Frames provides custom picture framing carefully built from the highest quality
conservation framing materials and we do it with an award-winning style all our own!

Custom Framing

Custom picture framing becomes an art form at Finer Frames. You’ll find an impressive frame selection and a knowledgeable staff of professionals trained in preservation framing techniques. Our designers look forward to collaborating with you to select the perfect mat and frame combination to compliment the artwork and your décor.

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Restoration & Repair

Restoring a valued piece of art is one of the many art services offered at Finer Frames. Our primary goal is to enhance its aesthetic qualities and unveil the original vision of the artist. Because paintings are not protected by glass, they are subject to elements in the environment. This leads to a buildup of dust, pollutants, soot, etc. on the surface. We offer surface cleaning, tear repair, canvas distortion repair and frame restoration.

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Art Installation

Too busy to come to the gallery? Let us come to you! Finer Frames offers art and framing consultations for your home or local business. We will work to create a tailored design that fits perfectly with your décor and budget. We can help with art acquisition, framing and art installation at your home. Finding the perfect spot can be daunting and knowing how to best arrange a group of artwork isn’t fun for everyone, but we love it!

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