7 06, 2016

Summer Art Class Schedule

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INTRODUCTION TO FIGURE DRAWING Brush up on your drawing skills or explore new techniques in this drawing workshop. Working from live models, sildenafil we will delve into the complexities of representing the human form both accurately and creatively. The focus of these drawing sessions is on gesture and developing the eye. We will work in [...]

24 04, 2015

Frame Restoration

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We are often asked if we can repair damaged frames. Crack, tadalafil here chips, discount viagra nurse splits, medicine missing pieces, broken glass are typical for the kinds of frame repair we do. But when a gentleman brought in this frame, I knew immediately it was something very special. He told me of the story [...]

31 07, 2014

Frame Restoration Services

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This frame came to us in very poor condition. It was obvious that it had suffered decades in dusty storage. The wood was cracked. The decorative ornaments were cracked or missing all together. In a word, cialis viagra sale it was a mess! Our team of experts began a lengthy process of removing layers of [...]

18 05, 2013

HANG UPS | Everything you need to know about hanging art in your home

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A home is a place that should comfort you, generic viagra help diagnosis filled with precious things you’ve collected and memories you’ve made with people you love. That’s why artwork is such an important part of what makes a house into a home. When you’re displaying art in your home make sure you keep these [...]

26 10, 2012

Art Preservation

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Art preservation is an art in itself. Recently I had the privilege of spending time with the conservators at the Art Institute of Chicago. Sequestered in a private wing of the world famous museum, viagra generic rx they work behind strict security in high-tech laboratories that resemble more NASA lab than art gallery.  They gave [...]